Building a fantasy Village for Rangers of Shadow Deep

One of the largest barriers to making tiny buildings is deciding the layout and dimensions. Well, for me anyhow.

There are many different techniques I can experiment with until I am happy with the result. However, with a layout, changing it can be messy and tricky and might ruin the build altogether.

Papercraft gives you layouts you can scratchbuild from. The dimensions are there but everything else is just a suggestion.

Scratchbuilt but based on a card building

I have purchased a number of papercraft buildings but most of them had too many pieces to print. I just need something fairly simple. I found a pdf copy of an out of print book that I am super excited about:


These are intended to be printed in color on cardstock. I only have a black and white laser printer, so I am instead using them as a base for scratchbuilding!

There are 39 building in this book and I would like to build enough to make a fantasy village. Don’t expect this book to every be reprinted. GW would rather sell you a pricey plastic house (that is awesome looking) than give you instructions how to make your own.

My first scratch-built fantasy building 🙂

After finishing the #11 Low House, I know that my next building will go much faster. Especially if there is more plaster siding; which this building did not have any of (I wanted to experiment with wood and rock blocks on this one).

Next building I am making is #8 Shed.

I want to try soaking the wood siding in vinegar that was previously soaked in steel wool. This is way to age wood. I found a video how to do it on Youtube:

I am excited about making my own rust effects using vinegar and steel wool. This seems like a good alternative to pricey hobby bottled stuff.

Happy crafting!

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