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Fantasy Warband Name Generator

Having names for your warband members makes them more memorable and playing games more fun. You also care more about them in the game! All my miniatures have numbers on the bottom with white ink pen. This way I can cross-reference the miniature with the character stats. My favorite name generator is in the beginning of Forbidden Psalm. I l just love the mood and aesthetic of that game. Lately I have been playing Frostgrave and have …

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Frostgrave Knights and a Rage Drake from D&D

Last miniatures of 2022

Finishing a few miniatures before the end of the year can feel great. New Years of last year, I was unable to partake in the festivities because had been exposed to the Rona but luckily never came down with it that time. However, I painted up a large amount of miniatures for fantasy. So here they are, a mixture of Frostgrave and Oathmark and also a Rage Drake from a D&D boardgame that I raided for miniatures. …

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Monster Generator for Forbidden Psalm

Monster generator for Forbidden Psalm

This generator is based on pages 103-104 of In The Footsteps of the Mad Wizard. Feel feel to make your own variation with your own unique traits! You can edit it here: It would be cool if an AI Image generator was fed the monster traits to generate an image of it! If I ever get a paid version, I might think about doing this. ArtmesaI am an outdoorsy geek. Which is not rare at all. In …

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HP Tracking Dials

Personally, I find HP tracking annoying. One of the reasons I like Five Parsecs from Home and Five Leagues from the Borderlands is that they are totally playable without needing to track lots of numbers. Boardgames and card games such as Gloomhaven and Arkham Horror TCG either use a HP tracker dial or tokens to help keep track of Hit Points/Health. There are some tabletop games I have tried or want to play that require tracking Hit …

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Wasteland village – converted Oasis Town by TTCombat

I discovered a workflow around prototyping. When I am trying something new, in each subsequent step, I experiment the step on my prototype. This way, I only need to reverse or fix a problematic step on the prototype. On this project, my prototype was the smallest of the buildings. Crackle experiments I learned that Golden Crackle paste needs to slowly dry over 72 hours or the effect is not as cracked. I tried using my heat gun …

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Five Parsecs from Home – Opponent generator

I built another generator for Five Parsecs from Home. It is super easy to modify; so go ahead! The reason is that I want to be able to add my own custom stuff without needing to modify the die ranges. The statistical changes of different things is super easy with Perchance. What makes this one different is that it pulls data from a Google Spreadsheet of opponent attributes. Obviously, looking things up in the book is actually …

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Crashed Cargo Hauler for Terrain Competition Season 2 “Hidden Places”

I can see why people enter competitions. It helps you focus and finish! This is for TerrainBuilding on Reddit. You can see the all the entries at It would be cool if I won but I am just excited that I finished this ambitious project! I got stuck and I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish it. The project was intimidating and made me try a lot of new techniques! I don’t have a …

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Five Parsecs Loot Generator

Five Parsecs from Home – Loot generator

I adapted the loot generator tables to work in Perchance because I can customize the output easily. In fact, anyone can.The url is at This can be forked with your own custom items or have tweaks to the chances of different items showing up. It is intentionally slowed down so that you are not tempted to cheat! If you are interested in extracting percent chances or generating your own ranges for custom tables, this is the …

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Fantasy miniatures for Forbidden Psalm or Frostgrave or Five Leagues from the Borderlands

I haven’t painted many fantasy miniatures until very recently. I had assembled enough miniatures to play Frostgrave a while ago but finishing the paint job eluded me. Oil paints helped me finish these faster. I was concerned the extra oil painting extra step would make it take longer but given that my acrylics were just the base colors (mostly), it was a timesaver. I like the “Blanchitsu” style of painted miniatures. It is more achievable that going …

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