Five Parsecs From Home 3e Play Aids v1

Five Parsecs from Home 3e Play Aids v1

Hey check out my drawing.

Player sheets and rules summaries are extremely important for enjoyable gameplay. I don’t have the tidiest of handwriting and I want to be able to pick up a game I haven’t played in while. Otherwise, I could get completely lost!

It is nice when play sheets also convey the mood and theme of their respective game in their design.

Five Parsecs has a really good Play Aid for the 2nd edition. Unfortunately, the original author never updated them to the 3rd edition of the rules. Also, they were lacking a number of important details.

I still used them but I had to add lots of notes in the margins.

So, being the geek that I am, I converted the pdf in Libreoffice Draw once I figured out what fonts I needed. This only contains four pages: Crew, Crew Details, Ship, World and Opposition.

Five Parsecs 3e Play Aids v1.0

I also modified a couple others to look more consistent.

Keeping track of the campaign steps before and after a battle is also a large part of the game. This was improved from another version.

Five Parsecs 3e Campaign Steps v1.0

If you starting a new campaign, this is the sheet for that:

Five Parsecs 3e New Campaign Worksheet v1.0

This worksheet is only really useful when you first start the game. Otherwise, all crew info is stored on the Crew sheet while ship info and inventory is on the ship page.

The whole folder is public and I might add more things there at some point. Maybe even a custom scenario.

To play, you will need to the core book. The toolkit expansion is useful for the progressive difficulty and improved AI system.

Five Parsecs from Home BookFive Parsecs from Home Toolkit Expansion Book

Happy gaming!

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