Five Parsecs from Home – Campaign turns 2 and 3

I thought things were going well until my one of my rivals came after my crew; the Mutants of clan Null God.
The mutants outnumbered my crew on a battlefield that was gloomy (battlefield condition), so they ran from the fight instead.

I made sure they stayed the two round minimum, so that at least my crew could gain experience points. Glen was downed but used a Stim pack to save himself.

In this game, even if you run from ae fight, you still get paid for salvage finds and get to gather loot. Running does not incur much of penalty, which is by design and makes the game flow better.

Running away can be a good strategy.

I am using the progressive difficulty rules from the 5 Parsecs Toolkit. Also, I am using the improved AI system.

On Campaign turn 3, the crew had a job for a corporation where their objective was to move through the field. The opponents were Precursor Exiles.

The refined and elegant Precursors are rarely seen in Human space. Those that are met tend to be the outcasts, and those too wild to find a place in their serene home culture.

Five Parsecs Core Book

I used some of the more alien miniatures from Core Space because that was the closest I could find.

Perhaps my strategy should have been different.
The Precursor Exiles were lightly armed but also tricky opponents.
Running right made sense. That was a fine choice actually.
The blue alien with the autogun was dangerous.
The plan was to for these two to make a run for the objective.
The Precursor Exiles were much faster than my crew.
Lars died.

I almost made the objective but was one crew short. All but one crew were downed.

Zephyr was the only crew who wasn’t downed.

After a couple loses, I think I need more long-range weapons.

I am one of those people who enjoys playing even if I am not winning. I am not going to tweak the game yet though. I am convinced I can tweak my strategy instead.

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