Frostgrave Knights and a Rage Drake from D&D

Last miniatures of 2022

Finishing a few miniatures before the end of the year can feel great. New Years of last year, I was unable to partake in the festivities because had been exposed to the Rona but luckily never came down with it that time. However, I painted up a large amount of miniatures for fantasy.

So here they are, a mixture of Frostgrave and Oathmark and also a Rage Drake from a D&D boardgame that I raided for miniatures.

Oathmark Human Infantry – Speedpainted then oil washed.
Rage Drake from a D&D boardgame. Useful as a major demon in Frostgrave.
These are Oathmark Human Infantry except the Frostgrave Knight.

This is my newest speedpainting workflow. Essentially, a version SlapChop (black primer, grey+brown primer, ivory drybrush) with Army Painter Speedpaints, a second moistbrush/drybrush with highlights then an oil wash. They need a dullcoat spray but they are good enough for my next game!

I am playing Frostgrave this week but also wanted them for Forbidden Psalm, Rangers of Shadow Deep or Five Leagues from the Borderlands.

Happy crafting, painting and tabletop gaming.. and a happy new year!

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