Ramblings on the state of tabletop wargames

As a tabletop wargamer, there has never been a better time to avoid Games Workshop. Here is my personal list of superior game companies who make awesome games. None of these are publicly traded companies, which is probably why they can stick to their own ethics pretty closely. Will Games Workshop always suck at tabletop wargames? Let’s say, by mad happenstance, James Workshop stumbled on the unicorn perfect tabletop wargame ruleset. One that is clearly written yet …

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Monster Generator for Forbidden Psalm

Monster generator for Forbidden Psalm

This generator is based on pages 103-104 of In The Footsteps of the Mad Wizard. Feel feel to make your own variation with your own unique traits! You can edit it here:https://perchance.org/forbidden-psalm-monster-generator It would be cool if an AI Image generator was fed the monster traits to generate an image of it! If I ever get a paid version, I might think about doing this. ArtmesaI am an outdoorsy geek. Which is not rare at all. In …

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Fantasy miniatures for Forbidden Psalm or Frostgrave or Five Leagues from the Borderlands

I haven’t painted many fantasy miniatures until very recently. I had assembled enough miniatures to play Frostgrave a while ago but finishing the paint job eluded me. Oil paints helped me finish these faster. I was concerned the extra oil painting extra step would make it take longer but given that my acrylics were just the base colors (mostly), it was a timesaver. I like the “Blanchitsu” style of painted miniatures. It is more achievable that going …

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