Taking Gaslands for a spin

This week, instead of our usual Frostgrave, we took the game Gaslands for a spin.

It has been near the top of my “I want to play that game” list for a long time.

We learned the game as we went, which was a little tricky with three people but enough happened that I think we each got a taste of what how gameplay works. Personally, I really like it.

What works well is how the Spin dice work. Especially, the Pushing It rule, where you have to option to reroll some or all of the results by taking an extra hazard token.

I built some walls for a track using coffee stir sticks, Dollarstore Mini-Jenga pieces, hotglue and my custom texture paste. I was in a hurry but they came out good enough I can use them in other games too.

When I started this hobby, I didn’t realize how essential baking paper is. PVA glue, acrylic caulking or hot glue does not stick to it! I really like that I can use a heat gun to fast-dry projects without causing a fire hazard.

Dollarstore barricades glued on baking paper.
A figure-eight track.

For Skid dice, I bought 16mm white blank dice and wrote on them with Sharpie marker. I probably need to varnish them, so it doesn’t wipe off.

These are the dice:

I made hazard tokens using 1″ wood tokens.

For the cars, I did a quick rattlecan spray on some old cars by son was getting rid of.

These templates are made by Litko (https://amzn.to/3uKXntQ). They were super hard to read so I ended up dabbing on florescent paint of different colors and wiping off the excess with my fingers once it had dried. When wiped off the smooth areas and stayed on the printed parts (mostly).

They look great now!

At my LGS (Local Game Store), three of us played the intro scenario; Street Race (pg 62).
We each had a car and a buggy and played on the figure eight track. Which, in retrospect, was too tight for new players. A simple loop track might have been better. Regardless, it was really fun once we figured out the basic game flow.

The highlight, for me, was when I accelerated too fast and collided with a rock because I couldn’t make the turn. Thematically, this was perfect. Luckily for me, we had to end the game early because my car only had a single damage point left!

One point of confusion we had was that out cheat-sheet incorporated some optional rules (that were actually really good ones we will keep).

They two optional rules made for easier evades ( https://gaslands.com/rd-evades/ ) and less often and penalizing wipeouts ( https://gaslands.com/rd-wipeouts/ ).

This is the cheatsheet we were using:

Here is the original pdf (A4 size): https://file.io/MKGI26pruDmv I don’t recall where I found it but it was probably from one of these places below.

Useful Resources

Besides the official website at gaslands.com, you can look for cheatsheets/user-created scenarios/extras on:

Will my group play again? Even with a rough start, we are going to try again but with only a single car each. The optional rules increase survivability significantly, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

I am going to bring these rules cards to my next Gaslands game. It will be helpful for new players, even though it doesn’t have the optional rules on it yet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jfRhou9EizFgF4N2tDneN6EY8cz5nOQ9/view?usp=sharing

I will post on Insta if I don’t make another post about it here!

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