Monster Generator for Forbidden Psalm

Monster generator for Forbidden Psalm

This generator is based on pages 103-104 of In The Footsteps of the Mad Wizard. Feel feel to make your own variation with your own unique traits! You can edit it here: It would be cool if an AI Image generator was fed the monster traits to generate an image of it! If I ever get a paid version, I might think about doing this. ArtmesaI am an outdoorsy geek. Which is not rare at all. In …

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HP Tracking Dials

Personally, I find HP tracking annoying. One of the reasons I like Five Parsecs from Home and Five Leagues from the Borderlands is that they are totally playable without needing to track lots of numbers. Boardgames and card games such as Gloomhaven and Arkham Horror TCG either use a HP tracker dial or tokens to help keep track of Hit Points/Health. There are some tabletop games I have tried or want to play that require tracking Hit …

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Five Parsecs from Home – Opponent generator

I built another generator for Five Parsecs from Home. It is super easy to modify; so go ahead! The reason is that I want to be able to add my own custom stuff without needing to modify the die ranges. The statistical changes of different things is super easy with Perchance. What makes this one different is that it pulls data from a Google Spreadsheet of opponent attributes. Obviously, looking things up in the book is actually …

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Five Parsecs Loot Generator

Five Parsecs from Home – Loot generator

I adapted the loot generator tables to work in Perchance because I can customize the output easily. In fact, anyone can.The url is at This can be forked with your own custom items or have tweaks to the chances of different items showing up. It is intentionally slowed down so that you are not tempted to cheat! If you are interested in extracting percent chances or generating your own ranges for custom tables, this is the …

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Five Parsecs from Home – Campaign turns 2 and 3

I thought things were going well until my one of my rivals came after my crew; the Mutants of clan Null God.The mutants outnumbered my crew on a battlefield that was gloomy (battlefield condition), so they ran from the fight instead. I made sure they stayed the two round minimum, so that at least my crew could gain experience points. Glen was downed but used a Stim pack to save himself. In this game, even if you …

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Five Parsecs From Home 3e Play Aids v1

Five Parsecs from Home 3e Play Aids v1

Player sheets and rules summaries are extremely important for enjoyable gameplay. I don’t have the tidiest of handwriting and I want to be able to pick up a game I haven’t played in while. Otherwise, I could get completely lost! It is nice when play sheets also convey the mood and theme of their respective game in their design. Five Parsecs has a really good Play Aid for the 2nd edition. Unfortunately, the original author never updated …

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Five Parsecs from Home – First encounter

Last weekend I completed my first encounter in Five Parsecs from Home! My crew suffered no causalities; even though my strategy was pretty weak haha. Lucky roll of the dice meant the opposition was outnumbered. Which is great because I didn’t want to have to bail on my first encounter! My crew encountered a rival Brat Gang. They all have body armor, which proved a bit tricky to overcome with my basic weapons. I did learn that, …

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My drawing

How to convert Warhammer 40k model rules to Five Parsecs

This is surprisingly easy and really opens up the custom possibilities when you can convert between these systems. As a reminder: Rules and game mechanics cannot be copyrighted or trademarked. DaVinci Editrice S.r.l vs. Ziko Games, LLC et al. Note that the names of the models might be trademarked though. Not that we are trying to publish our own game here, but just to keep in mind ( ). 40k Tyranids A good example of conversions …

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