HP Tracking Dials

Personally, I find HP tracking annoying. One of the reasons I like Five Parsecs from Home and Five Leagues from the Borderlands is that they are totally playable without needing to track lots of numbers.

Boardgames and card games such as Gloomhaven and Arkham Horror TCG either use a HP tracker dial or tokens to help keep track of Hit Points/Health.

There are some tabletop games I have tried or want to play that require tracking Hit Points. Planet 28, Stargrave, Frostgrave, Rangers from Shadow Deep and Forbidden Psalm all require tracking HPs for each model.

This can slow the game down quite a bit.

So, I made some dials for tracking Hit Points. They could be used for turn counters or just anything you need to keep track of a number with.

Latest version.

I added a plus + for tracking if therer are more than 14 points. I was planning on using individual wound counters until you got down to 14 points. Though I suppose you could just use multiple dials. If you want tokens you can find them free on the One Page Rules website or on the Boardgamegeek files page for Rangers of Shadow Deep.

I modified the indicator gap to be larger after my initial set.

Here are the sheets I used. All I did was use a glue stick to attach the paper to black Graffix medium weight chipboard. I then cut them out with kitchen scissors. I attached them together with a tack and a 1″ wood disc but I think a plastic double cap rivet would work better.

Large are 2″. Small are 1″.

You can download them here:


Feel free to download, print, modify and share. All I ask is that you write “modified from Artmesa” on shared copies.

I was planning on using gloss modpodge on them at some point. However, for now, they work great.

Stay crafty!

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