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Fantasy Warband Name Generator

Having names for your warband members makes them more memorable and playing games more fun. You also care more about them in the game! All my miniatures have numbers on the bottom with white ink pen. This way I can cross-reference the miniature with the character stats.

My favorite name generator is in the beginning of Forbidden Psalm. I l just love the mood and aesthetic of that game.

Lately I have been playing Frostgrave and have been hoping to pull in more folks from local gaming group into it. Thanks to my friend who has been painting wizards for people and teaching the game; its going really good so far.

Forbidden Psalm is great because it is so small, accessible and fun. However, Frostgrave is overall better because it has lots of books, good online resources, readable page layouts and crisp professional art.

The Frostgrave art is more like a modern D&D fantasy style because it is clean and painterly. I really like it but I see no reason why I can’t I can’t insert a grimdark aesthetic into Frostgrave. I am certainly not the first person to do this (nor the last). More than once, I have heard people refer to this aesthetic as “Rotgrave” and I love it.

My fantasy terrain I have been making is more grimy and mossy; a look I prefer over plain grey building and white snow.

Here is some of my terrain when it was just zenthithal highlighted. I think I just prefer a mix of colors on terrain especially green.

Giant feline of terror.

All but the biggest companies ( James Workshop and Has-bro ) actively encourage players to insert their own aesthetics and house rules into games. I noticed that smaller publishers also tend to have more fan-made play aids because they aren’t actively trying to fight their fans on minor copyright violations like the two above mentioned companies.

Frostgrave is quite popular but many of the game aids are incomplete or out of date. Many times I found myself having to hold multiple books open for monster stats and having issues running the game because I had to check back into the book. That is one of the reasons why I created/ Monsters and Sucha fanmade play aid for Frostgrave based on an old pdf I found online for the 1st edition of Frostgrave.

My booklet only contains the monsters from some of the expansions but I included blank areas to write in your own houseruled monsters, monster abilities and a custom encounter table. I hope you find it speeds up your games of Rotgrave or Frostgrave 🙂

This is the simplest version to print. You could print in two-per-page double-sided.

This is in booklet format. Print double-sided, fold and assemble while looking at the single version so you know what page comes next:

This is a sheet for writing in you own monster collection into encounter tables. It should be more difficult the further down and right the entries go.

Have fun playing Frostgrave!

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