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How to convert Warhammer 40k model rules to Five Parsecs

This is surprisingly easy and really opens up the custom possibilities when you can convert between these systems.

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Rules and game mechanics cannot be copyrighted or trademarked.

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Note that the names of the models might be trademarked though. Not that we are trying to publish our own game here, but just to keep in mind ( ).

40k Tyranids

A good example of conversions is you can use 40k Tyranids in Five Parsecs Bug Hunt. The core troop types are perfect. However, the larger creatures with exotic attacks and multiple wounds will make the game more difficult and probably unbalance it. Adding heavy weapons from 40k would mitigate this. 40k Meltaguns, Plasmaguns and Krak launchers seem like they would not unbalance the game.

I have’n’t played any games with these conversions yet. I will write something up when I do though.

I would like to covert 40k models into Stargrave rules. It is not as straightforward as Five Parsecs though. The reason is Five Parsecs is still roll a d6 to hit, d6 to wound, and d6 armor save just like 40k. It is just more streamlined.

Easy 40k conversions

BS/WS converted to Combat skill.
5+ == -1 (this works because in 5parsecs its harder to hit but easier to wound than 40k.)
4+ == +0 (imperial guard)
3+ == +1 (space marine)
2+ == +2 (cannonness)

To convert weapon Strength, just minus 3 to get the Five Parsecs Damage bonus.
S3 == +0 (lasgun, autogun)(colony rifle)
S4 == +1 (Boltgun)( blast rifle)
S5 == +2 (Heavy Bolter)
S6 == +3 (Krak Grenade)
S7 == +4 (Plasma Gun)
S8 == +5 (Meltagun)

Toughness does not need to be converted.
T3 == T3 (cultist)
T4 == T4 (space marine)
T5 == T5 (Ogryn)

Armor Save is one less in Five Parsecs than in 40k.
This is balanced because is harder to wound in Five Parsecs than 40k.
For example:
Imperial Guard would have a flak vest 6+.
Tau Fire warriors would have Combat armor which is 5+.

AP weapons are the same from 40k. It makes sense to tweak Five Parsecs so that penetrating weapons are AP-2 instead of ignoring armor saves altogether. For example, this would make the Five Parsecs Fury rifle AP-2 .


Example Warhammer 40k stats
EnemyNumbersPanicSpeedCombat Skills (Melee/Ranged)ToughnessWoundsSaveAIWeaponsSpecialSimilar
Guardsman01-24″+0/+0316+T2CGuild Troops pg 96
Ogrynhalved of normal1-24″+1/+0536+TRipper Gun+1 to Combat on initial charge into melee.
Example conversions

Lasgun24″00– (Same as Military Rifle pg.50)
Ripper Gun (Melee)Brawl2Melee (Same as Shatter Axe pg50)
Ripper Gun (Ranged)12″31Focused
40k weapon conversions

If anyone finds this useful, I would love to hear about it!

Bug Hunt Campaign Sheets

I created a campaign sheet that can print on a single piece of paper in landscape mode:

If this one is too simple, you might want to check out one I found on the Boardgamegeek page for Bug Hunt.
Fan Made Bug Hunt Character Sheet by dcware.

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