Crashed Spaceship – Terrain Competition Season 2 “Hidden Places” – WIP

I am starting with the papercraft Ebbles Miniatures Utility Shuttle as a base for my build. It is available for free here ( ).

My cat likes to help.

Its going to be broken somehow. Looks like I will need a larger base! I was imagining it crashed into an alien jungle with cargo all over the place. Decades old. Lots of moss and vines.

I am pretty happy with the engines.
It is really coming together now. I bought the little health drinks because I thought the bottles would be perfect scifi terrain. The crates are wooden craft cubes from the dollar store. I am starting to incorporate bits from Snap Ships. That is the back of the engine piece. This is the first time I have used these bits but they are perfect for this.

(The miniatures for scale are from Core Space).

I ordered these from Amazon but was a bit disappointed. I mean, you get what you pay for and they were cheap. So I fixed them.

My spaceship crash site needs some trees!

These trees looked too uniform and the sparse flocking was too bright green. Also, the stems were shiny. My solution was to douse them in rubbing alcohol and put them in a baggie for a few hours. After that, I was was able to remove the flocking quite easily.

I spray painted the tree armatures with brown and then tan paint. I then reflocked them a couple different ways. I ended up doing all of them with the flock “bushes” (far right). The second to the far right was flocked with loose flock and it was messy and did not turn out that well. Chunkier flocking is way easier to use.

I hot glued them to metal washers. The larger trees got a magnet in the base, so they could be modular.

After that, I glued sand and crushed glass for rocks (a Dollar store find).

Miniature modular forest

Update: These trees were not used on this project.. but I am glad I made them!

The crashed spaceship is finished! You can see photos on this post:

Terrain Competition Season 2 “Hidden Places” (November to January 31st)

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