ttcombat sandstorm hovel A

New building finished – ttcombat Sandstorm Hovel A

I did it. I finished my first MDF terrain kit!

It would look cool to have a few of these on a table:

I also started building some air vents. I used the same glue and Elmers Woodfiller that has been really working for me with MDF.

It is going to look great in my desert/wasteland terrain theme. I realize it is for Star Wars Legion but it feels generic enough to fit into any scifi world. In fact, I created a custom door so it could fit in also fit in fantasy setting.

Eventually, I will be able to play a fantasy game such as Rangers of Shadow Deep, Frostgrave, or Five Leagues from the Borderlands. I am not there yet though.

This model is not designed to have an interior. This didn’t stop me from making one though!

With a ruler, I drew in pencil where to make the cuts. Then I scored them with a blade. With my mini saw on my Dremel, it was pretty easy to cut the MDF.

The building base is just medium weight chipboard. The floor is the original floor I had cut out.

I am not super happy with the scifi door. It seems a bit.. flat. I was considering scanning it, printing out on paper and gluing that to card. Then I could cut out the raised parts and glue it back on the door. We will see.

I sealed it by using cheap (stinky) black enamel spray pain. Then I used texted spray paint (not sure if the texture is even visible). After that, I used brown and white primer. I stippled on paint and baking soda. Lots of drybrushing with Linen and white craft paints. Spray matt varnish protected it as my final layer.

I am looking forward to using it in my next game of Five Parsecs from Home!

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